Présentation de l'axe "Symposium international 2018"

"Social Protection and Growth"

The venue will be in Paris on the 9th and 10th of July 2018

We are delighted to be issuing our public call for papers for the 2018 and Second Edition of the Symposium on "Social Protection and Growth".

Whether and how social protection ans welfare expenses have positive effects on economic growth is still debatable among economists.Three elements give a new momentum to that question : 

  • Ageing economics and its economic consequences
  • Universal coverage policy as recommended by international agencies
  • Technologies provoking a shift in the labor market and authorising higher productivity and efficiency in healthcare and social services.

Please take notice that the Chair is currently working on the following topics :

  • Ageing, economic growth and welfare economics
  • From housing wealth towards productive investments
  • A new momentum for funded pension systems and longevity bonds
  • Healthcare finance for an ageing population
  • Training needs in an ageing society 
Abstracts should be submitted for validation, before the 25th of May 2018 and other important dates are :

Notification of review results : June 8, 2018
Registration deadline : June 29, 2018

Please submit abstracts and papers in English or French. However, presentation can be done in researchers' native language. We look forward to seeing you in Paris.

Papers have to be submitted at the following address :

Please, for further details contact :

  • Sophie Parisel :
  • Alexis de Saint Lager :