CALL FOR PAPERS - Submission : 22nd of May

CALL FOR PAPERS - Submission : 22nd of May

Le 12 juillet 2017 à 09H00

Hotel de Pomereu - 67, rue de Lille 75007 Paris

Contact :


 The Chair « Transitions démographiques, Transitions économiques » of the “Fondation du Risque – Institut Louis Bachelier” is organizing an international conference:

 « Ageing and Economic Growth»

 The venue will be in Paris on the 12th of July 2017.

It may seem paradoxical to link aging and growth, this is because the mainstream analysis often views seniors as a burden for public finance and the healthcare system. Furthermore, elderly people are supposedly not directly participating in the creation of value.

In practice, aging which is a global phenomenon, requires to rethink and adapt the economic model at a fast pace.

Working beyond 60+; robotics; healthcare infrastructure and demand; planning funded pension systems; and training needs of seniors are opportunities for new developments in the economics of ageing era.

Abstracts in economics and demographics should be submitted for validation, before the 22nd of May 2017 for a validation by the 29th of May on:


Please take notice that the Chair is currently working on the following topics:

·         Ageing, economic growth and welfare economics

·         From housing wealth towards productive investment

·         A new momentum for funded pensions systems and longevity bonds

·         Healthcare finance for an aging population

·         Training needs in an aging society

The topic is key and at the top of the political agenda in every country. It requires rapid adaptation in regulation, fiscal, social, prevention and saving policies.

Final papers and presentation should be sent by the end of May.

Papers in English, French are welcomed,

Please submit abstracts and papers in English or French. However, presentations can be done in researcher’s native language.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris.

Papers have to be submitted at the following adress:

Please for further details, contact Sophie Parisel: