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Le 28 janvier 2021 par the EIDLL Network and the TDTE Chair

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All the videos from the 2020 International Symposium: Ageing Society, Growth and Well-Being, that took place on December 4th, 2020, are acessible:

Click here to access the playlist for all sessions of the 2020 International Symposium


9h30-9h45 - Opening

Ageing Society, Growth, Well-Being and Covid

  • François-Xavier ALBOUY, EIDLL Network President, Research Director of TDTE Chair
  • Nathalie CHUSSEAU, EIDLL Network Vice-President, Professor at Lille University

9h45-10h30 - Session 1

Which Recovery Policies in Ageing Societies?

The round table will examine the effectiveness of stimulus policies in ageing societies, and the effective targeting of these policies. Is it also necessary to use well-being as an indicator of public policies? What macroeconomic and well-being public policies should be implemented following the Covid?

  • Moderator : Jean-Hervé LORENZI, Holder of TDTE Chair
  • Hippolyte D'ALBIS, Professor at Paris School of Economics, Research Director at CNRS, Member of the Circle of Economists
  • Christian DE BOISSIEU, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Paris 1, Professor at the College of Europe, Vice-president of the Circle of Economists, Member of the Academy of Technologies and the Royal Academy of Belgium
  • Hiroaki MIYAMOTO, Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Tokyo Metropolitan University
  • Lionel RAGOT, Professor of Economics at the University of Paris Nanterre, Member of the Scientific Committee of the EIDLL Network

10h30-11h00 - Special Session 1

Demographics Back on the Financial Markets?

An academic expert's point of view

  • John D. GEANAKOPLOS, James Tobin Professor of Economics at Yale University

A market expert's point of view

  • Jean-Pierre GRIMAUD, CEO OFI AM

11h00-12h00 - Session 2

Seniors' Well-Being, Youth's Well-Being, Future Investments, How to Reconcile Time Horizons?

The round table will question the idea that the well-being of seniors, conceived in the short term, may be in contradiction with the well-being of young people, associated with an improvement in their future prospects and growth. Thus, can investing in the future go against the well-being of seniors? What types of public policies can reconcile these two dimensions?

  • ModeratorNathalie CHUSSEAU, EIDLL Network Vice-President, Professor at Lille University
  • Grand témoinEric JEANNEAU, Union Mutualiste Retraite President
  • Hervé BOULHOL, Senior economist at OECD
  • Hervé LE BRAS, Emeritus Researcher at INED, Director of Studies at EHESS
  • Marco MIRA D'ERCOLE, Advisor at the OECD Centre on Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE)
  • Mathieu PERONA, Executive Director of the CEPREMAP Well-Being Observatory, Member of the EIDLL Network

12h00-12h15 - Keynote 1

What Role for Pension Funds Concerning Seniors' Well-Being?

  • François-Xavier SELLERET, AGIRC-ARRCO Chief executive

12h15-12h30 - Keynote 2

To What Extent Families’ Social Expectations Can Explain Low Social Mobility in Northern France?

  • Nathalie CHUSSEAU, EIDLL Network Vice-President, Professor at Lille University

12h30-12h45 - Keynote 3

Which Risks and Uncertainties for Students in the Covid Crisis?

  • Pradeep K. CHOUDHURY, EIDLL Network Vice-president, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University

12h45-13h00 - Keynote 4

How to Reconcile Ageing and Public Finance Stress?

  • Héctor VILLARREAL, VEIDLL Network Vice-President, Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP) Chief Executive

13h00-13h15 - Keynote 5

Which Global and Local Responses to Covid Crisis for Seniors in the World?

  • Patricia CONBOY, Head of Global Advocacy and Aging at HelpAge International

13h15-13h30 - Keynote 6

What is the Cost of the Lack of Provident Schemes?

  • Patrick HUGON, Senior Insurance Mission Director of the VYV Group

13h30-13h45 - Keynote 7

Developping Culture at the Service of Well-Being?

  • Frédéric OLIVENNES, Audiens Chief Executive

13h45-14h15 - Special Session 2

Covid, Brutal Revelation of Seniors' Inequalities?

A society expert’s point of view

  • Julien DAMON, Associate Professor at Sciences Po, Scientific Advisor to EN3S

A medico-social’s point of view

  • Jean-Pierre MICHEL, Honorary Professor of Medicine at the University of Geneva, Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine

14h15-15h15 - Session 3

Who Will Take Care of Seniors Tomorrow?

The round table will focus on the place and role of tomorrow's formal and informal caregivers. Faced with the challenge of ageing and loss of autonomy, the subjects of the offer of services and home help for autonomous and dependent seniors are of great importance, as well as that of support systems for informal caregivers.

  • Moderator: Alain VILLEMEUR, Scientific Director of TDTE Chair
  • Grand témoin Sylvain RABUEL, Group DomusVi President
  • Monique ADOLPHE, Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine
  • Serge GUERIN, Professor at INSEEC
  • Jean-Manuel KUPIEC, Deputy Director General of OCIRP
  • Marie-Anne MONTCHAMP, Caisse Nationale de Solidarité pour l'Autonomie President

15h15-16h15 - Session 4

What Is The Role of Seniors in Business and Society?

The well-being of seniors is often set in opposition to that of younger generations. Yet seniors have a lot of free time, sometimes devoted to socialized activities such as volunteering, local political activities that improve social cohesion. How can the involvement of seniors in society enable us to improve general well-being? How can senior citizens be freely involved in activities that improve social cohesion such as volunteering, local political activities?

  • ModeratorNathalie CHUSSEAU, EIDLL Network Vice-President, Professor at Lille University
  • Arnaud Kevin DAYORO, Professor at the University Félix Houphouêt-Boigny of Abidjan, Member of the EIDLL Network
  • Philippe KOURILSKY, Professor Emeritus at the Collège de France, President of Résolis
  • Sibylle LE MAIRE, Founding member of the Landoy Club, Executive Director of the Bayard Group
  • Delphine MALLET, La Poste Silver President
  • Jean-François RIMOUX, Director of Communication and CSR at Klésia
  • Dominique THIERRY, Honorary President of France Bénévolat

16h15-17h15 - Session 5

How to Ensure Seniors' Financial Autonomy?

When they reach retirement age, seniors are not always sure they will be able to meet all their future expenses, especially in the event of a severe loss of autonomy. How can we better identify senior households at risk of loss of financial autonomy? What solutions should be proposed to them? How best to mobilize their assets when possible?

  • ModeratorFrançois-Xavier ALBOUY, EIDLL Network President, Research Director of TDTE Chair
  • Marie BRIERE, Head of Investor Research Center at Amundi, Affiliated Professor at Paris Dauphine University
  • Jacques-Henri DAVID (SOFIPAD)
  • André MASSON, Professor of Economics at PSE, Director of Research at CNRS
  • Laurent SOULAT, Economist at the Pensions and Solidarity Department of Caisse des Dépôts
  • Mathilde VIENNOT, Project Manager at France Stratégie

17h15-18h15 - Session 6

Demographic Transition and Social Protection, Which Evolution?

The round table will examine the evolution of social protection in the light of the demographic transition. What changes seem necessary? On what scale should they take place? Is the covid crisis a gas pedal or a brake on these changes? What about universal health coverage (UHC)?

  • Moderator: François-Xavier ALBOUY, EIDLL Network President, Research Director of TDTE Chair
  • Oliver AZUARA, Senior Economist at the Labor Markets and Social Security Division of the InterAmerican Development Bank
  • Gene BUKHMAN, Co-Chair of Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission, Assistant professor at Harvard University
  • Alexandre CALLENS, Chairman of the Destination Sustainable Economy Working Group
  • Ousseynou KA, Professor at Alioune Diop de Bambey University, EIDLL Network Member
  • Shahrashoub RAZAVI, Director of the Department of Social Protection at the International Labour Office
  • Guy VALLANCIEN, Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine

18h15-19h00 - Conclusion

  • François-Xavier ALBOUY, EIDLL Network President, Research Director of TDTE Chair
  • Nathalie CHUSSEAU, EIDLL Network Vice-President, Professor at Lille University

Special thanks to our members and partners.